Use outdoor planting services in Abu Dhabi to clear out flower heads from perennial plants, remove weeds, old branches and grass clippings. You can make compost from them by simply dipping in soil, or if they are rotten, mix them with soil. This will increase the nutrition value of the soil and make them ready to grow flowers and plants.

At this point, you can add fertilizers along with mulch, mixing up end plants. You can plant beautiful plants and flowers with the first knock of spring. In addition, it’s a good excuse to loosen the soil which was compacted the whole winter. Now, you are digging your soil; it could be a time to check the pH of the soil and do the necessary adjustment if your soil needs. You can fake help from outdoor planting services in Abu Dhabi.

Outdoor & Indoor Planting

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Outdoor & Indoor Planting

If you want to buy a raised bed planter, spring is the best season to buy soil specifically formulated for raised beds. While it may be too early to plant most of the crop, wait for the warmer seasons to plant the most plant. However, cool weather plants may be a good option to plant in this season. Some winter plants include lettuce, asparagus and Brussel sprouts. These are awesome options for indoor planting services in Abu Dhabi and plantation in the spring season. As the spring season is neither hot nor cold, and often frost occurs at night, be sure to cover your little plants with frost protectant at night. It will protect your plants from frosting and get damaged, and a few days later, the warm season will be there to complete your garden.

Once you have prepared your bed and garden for next month’s plantation, you can now spend some time dividing the perennials- like the bearded Iris, hostas and daylilies. It often happens that these perennials begin to crowd each other with time. This leads to get smaller blooms and sparse over time. Splitting the plants gives more space and air to grow. Make sure to clear out weeds over time so that plants get enough nutrition and space. However, while splitting the plants, make sure some important points that garden tools you will use must be sterilized with alcohol. Using tools from indoor planting services in Abu Dhabi without cleaning may spread disease and pests between the plants. So, enjoy your spring by spending some time with beautiful flowers and plants. Spring and nature have a beautiful relationship.